Welcome to a night of Casino Fun!
Thank you for being a part of our event and supporting Salty Science in their mission to support marine conservation. Your ticket includes $2500 funny money to use at the Casino Tables.

Rules For Playing Casino Games

Minimum bets are $100 funny money at the tables.

Funny money bills only come in $1000, $2500, or $5000, we do not carry smaller bills.

You can receive more funny money from the bank by making the following donations.

$20 donation – $1000 funny money
$30 donation – $2500 funny money
$40 donation – $5000 funny money

Funny Money Redemption & Winnings

$2000 in chips earns you 1 ticket
Tickets will be drawn at the end of the night for prizes after gaming has concluded.

Tickets can be used for raffle items designated for Casino Players.

There will be 3 “Grand prizes” for casino players. Each person is only eligible to receive one grand prize. Once you have received a grand prize, if you have a ticket in one of the other drawing boxes, it will be discarded and another will be drawn.

Tickets Drawn For Prizes

Please write your name and phone number on your tickets.

We have compiled a number of wonderful prizes to say thank you for your support.

Please let us know if you have any questions and enjoy your night!

Sponsor A Mile

We have some amazing giveaways for anyone who sponsors a mile during the event.
Make sure you visit the mile sponsor table and chat with the team.