To help support Salty Science, SBD is giving away 50 units of Dysport!

For every $25 donated = 1 entry into the giveaway.

If you buy a mile for $100 then you get 5 entries!”
ex: $25 = 1 entry, $50 = 2 entries, $75 = 3 entries, $100 = 4 entries + 1 FREE entry = 5 entries

January 16th – 30th and announcing the WINNER on February 3rd

We are aiming $300,000 for three non-profit organizations that are helping enact positive change for our oceans. We need your support, and donations of any amount of welcome—every little bit helps! Since we are asking corporate sponsors to cover the cost of the race, 100% of the community support goes to the marine conservation charities.